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If you have not been to Gloss Studio for 9 months or more, please click over to the "New Clients" page as we will need to reconnect and do an extended consultation to reevaluate your hair goals and ensure we have ample time to revamp your look!




Bang Trim                             $5

Don't stress! I'll do it for you.


Hair Cut                                $60

Custom hair cut, wash and styled to your desired look.

Barber Cut                           $30

Custom short barber cut.


Wash & Blow Out               $40

Cleansing massage and conditioning treatment finished with a customized blowout.

Wash & Style                      $50

Cleansing massage and conditioning treatment finished with a customized blowout and hot tool style.

Dry Style                              $30

Come washed and dried, I'll finish you up!

Event Styling

Up-do, half up, maybe a braid? 

in salon                          $60 | hour

on location                   $100 | hour



Includes wash and blow dry

Root Retouch                  $95+

The perfect way to make sure all of those unwanted greys go away or lighten up your colour a bit. 

Demi Root Retouch                           $85+

This colour service cannot make you lighter but it will add shine, darkness, and depth as well as cover first greys.

Make it a Full Colour                +$25


Includes wash, blow dry and toner

Partial Highlight                     $120+

If you love blonde but still enjoy some depth and contrast or looking to enhance your existing colour.

Full Highlights                         $150+

When you want to be bright, light, and oh-so-blonde or looking for a whole new blonde.


Add Hair Cut to any

of the above packages       +$25

Add Root Retouch to any

of the above packages        +60




Includes toner or gloss, treatment and blow dry 


Partial                              $205+

When you love that pop of light and contrast of dark.

Full                                   $285+

When you love that California or bright-white blonde.


Includes wash and blow dry

Toner Refresh                   $70+

Refresh the tone of your blonde or add gloss and shine in-between colour services.

Add Hair Cut to any

of the above packages       +$25

Add Root Retouch to any

of the above packages        +60



Add on to any service

Custom Mask Treatment      $15

Customized hydrating, protein, gloss or scalp exfoliating treatment designed to target your hair's individual needs.

Steam Pod Keratin                $20

This professional and high-tech steam straightening iron allows for continuous steam to flow gently and efficiently through the hair fibers and repairing them as it styles.

Malibu Make Over                  $30

Malibu C removes mineral build up that causes dullness 
discolouration. This is a 2-part treatment that is finished with a protein building treatment.

Damage Prevention               $50​

Designed to prevent damage during colouring processes. This includes a take home product for added protection.

Colour Correction


Colour correction starts at $125 per hour with a 4-hour minimum. This service can only be booked via consultation and requires a $250 deposit to book your correction appointment. Several appointments may be needed to achieve your desired look.

Pricing Outside of Regular Salon Hours

This is applied at a rate of 1.5 to all services and appointments that are booked outside of regular salon business hours. Clients cannot book these appointments online and must consent to premium pricing prior to booking this type of appointment.

Base Price

All colour services are a base price and may increase depending on what is needed for your desired look. Services do not include the cost of tax or any additional services unless otherwise stated.​ 

* Quotes will only be given during in-salon consultation * 


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