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Bang Trim                             $5

Don't stress! I'll do it for you.


Hair Cut                                $60

Custom hair cut, wash & styled to your desired look.

Barber Cut                           $30

Custom short barber cut.


Wash & Blow Out               $40

Cleansing massage & conditioning treatment finished with a customized blowout.

Wash & Style                      $50

Cleansing massage & conditioning treatment finished with a customized blowout and hot tool style.

Dry Style                              $30

Come washed & dried, I'll finish you up!

Event Styling

Up do, half up, maybe a braid? 

in salon                                 $60 | hour

on location                          $100 | hour



Includes wash & blow dry

Regrowth Retouch                  $95+

The perfect way to make sure all of those unwanted grey's go away or lighten up your colour a bit. 

Full Colour   +$25

Add Hair Cut   +$25

Gloss Retouch                           $85+

This colour service cannot make you lighter but will add shine, darkness + depth and cover first grey's.

Full Colour   +$25

Add Hair Cut   +$25


Includes wash, blow dry & toner

Express Highlight                   $90+

Just a few pops of light to brighten up your colour or to give the sun kiss look round your face.

Add Hair Cut  +$25

Partial Highlight                     $120+

If you love blonde but still enjoy some depth & contrast or your looking to enhance your existing colour.

Add Hair Cut  +$25

Full Highlights                         $150+

When you want to be bright, light and oh so blonde or looking for a whole new blonde.

Add Hair Cut  +$25




Includes toner or gloss, treatment & blow dry 

Face Frame                    $100+       

When you love that sun kissed face framing pieces around your face but still love the rest of your colour.

Add Hair Cut   +$25


Partial                           $155+

When you love that pop of light and contrast of dark.

Add Hair Cut  +$25

Full                                $225+

When you love that California or bright white blonde.

Add Hair Cut  +$25


Includes wash & blow dry

Toner Refresh                   $70+

Refresh the tone of your blonde or add gloss & shine in between colour services.

Malibu C & Tone                $90+

Could you use some brightening but not ready for highlights just yet & you want to refresh the tone of your blonde?



Custom Mask                        $10

Customized mask designed to target your hairs individual needs.

Scalp Wellness                      $15

Remove unwanted flakes from your scalp while soothing itchiness.

Steam Pod Keratin                $20

This professional and high-tech steam straightening iron, allows for continuous steam to flow gently and efficiently through the hair fibers, repairing them as it styles.

Strength Builder                    $20

Fiber building treatment for already damaged hair. 

Signature Gloss                      $25

Add shine & silkiness.

Malibu Make Over                  $30

Malibu C removes mineral build up that causes dullness and discoloration. This is a 2 part treatment that is finished with a protein building treatment.

Damage Prevention               $50​

Designed to prevent damage during coloring process. Includes take home product for added protection.


Colour correction starts at $125 per hour with a 4 hour minimum. This service can only be booked via consultation and requires a $250 deposit to book your correction appointment. Several appointments may be needed to achieve your desired look.

All colour services are a base price and may increase depending on what is needed for your desired look. Services do not include the cost of tax or any additional services unless otherwise stated.​ 

Quotes will only be given in salon upon consultation.