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We can't wait to meet you!

You might be here because a friend referred you, or you found us on social media and have been looking for the right hairstylist to give you the runway worthy hair of your dreams.

The experience starts once you fill in and submit the New Client Booking From below.  After you finish the request, we will follow up with you within 48 business hours via email.

We will find a date and time that works best for you and gives us all the time we need to make your hair dreams come true. 


Our booking system send you a confirmation email as well as a appointment reminder 24 hours and 2 hours before your scheduled time.

Next, when you arrive at Gloss Studio, you will be greeted at the front door. We will walk you through our consultation process about the salon and the processes we have in place here at Gloss Studio. While you are at the salon, we will discuss your hair needs and desires for your first visit along with creating a long-term plan together to ensure that all of your hair goals are met.

If you're coming to Gloss Studio for colour, a formula will be custom blended for you and recorded in our computerized database so that it is readily available on your profile at each visit. This will help to ensure your hair colour is looking consistently on flawless and will also give us a point of reference if you want a change.

Gloss Studio is a private luxury studio where we can talk openly, enjoy a few good laughs, watch the newest episode of The Bachelor and really get to know one another. This is a judgment free space and I want you to enjoy it as much as I do.

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Not only will we create a cut perfect for your face shape, lifestyle and overall goals but we will also fill you in with any styling tips and tricks that match your hair needs as well.

If you are looking for an extended styling lesson, I have these available by request for anyone who is interested in learning more about how to style and work with their hair (such as, learning easy DIY up-do or fun curling techniques for an outing on the town). You can also head to the Gloss Academy by clicking here to view mini tutorials and tips via our Instagram page.

We'll wrap up the Gloss Studio experience by sharing recommendations for at-home care for your hair and book a date for your next appointment.  ​​

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After your first visit at Gloss Studio you may book your maintenance appointments using the Vagaro booking sytem or by emailing us directly.

For clients wishing to extend the time between appointments to 9 months or longer, which is no problem here at Gloss Studio, you will need to fill out a New Client Booking Form. Doing so will ensure that we have ample time to reconnect and revamp your look so that it continues to meet your hair goals.

Note: the more time that you book for your Gloss Studio appointment, the more we can achieve in a single session as long as optimal colour conditions apply!

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