Downloadable pdf's to help guide you when choosing hair care products, tips to styling your hair at home or guides to taking advantage of our in salon programs. 

Gloss Rewards

Who does not love to be rewarded? Gloss is happy to announce its new in salon rewards program for all in salon services and retail purchases. Download the rewards brochure to find out more details.

Gloss Guide to Retrain Your Scalp

Are you suffering from having an oily scalp? Do you wash your hair everyday and still your hair feels greasy? In this guide we break down why.

Gloss Guide to Hand Tied Extension Care

Are you new to hand tied extensions or looking to brush up on home maintenance? This guide will give you all the tips and trick you need to keeping your locks looking lovely.

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Digital Welcome Package

New here to Gloss Studio? We are happy to have you! Download the Gloss Digital Welcome Package to find out things like where to park and a suggested maintenance schedule.

Gloss Reviews

What is the first thing you do when buying a new product? Read the reviews right? We'd love to hear your feedback. Download the Gloss Review guide and find out how you can earn points.

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Gloss Guide to Vagaro

Have you heard of Vagao? Vagaro is our online booking system that has so much to offer you as a client. This guide gives you a sneak peak into what Vagaro has to offer. 

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Gloss Extension Home Care Products

We love AQUA hair extensions and their home hair care products! This guide will introduce you to some of our favorite AQUA products and packages we offer in salon.

Gloss Guide to
Hydrate or Repair

Do you find yourself struggling to choose whether or not you need a hydrating or repairing hair care product? In this guide we breakdown the difference.

Hair Dying
Gloss Guide to Colour Correction

Looking for a hair colour transformation? This guide gives you a sneak peak into what expect when booking a colour correction appointment.