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Event Styling Email Follow Up



Thank you for your inquiry and congratulations on your upcoming (EVENT TYPE). !

As of right now we are available for your event date on (EVENT DATE).

Please keep in mind that this email is a follow up to your online form submitted and will guide you in our services offered, pricing breakdown and what you can expect.



Bridal services are $150/ service. All bridal services are allotted an hour (60-75mins) each.

All attendee services are $125/services and are allotted (45-60 mins) each. 

Airbrush is an additional cost of $25 per application. Please arrange prior to event day.

Extension prep costs $30 per set of extensions and includes extensions being washed, conditioned, blow dried and styled. This service is key in having great looking extensions and saves valuable time the day of your event and must be arranged prior to event day. 


There is no additional cost for adding clip in extensions to any style the day of your event but will require more time, this person may be booked toward the end of the schedule to accommodate time. If this person(s) would like their extensions prepped, a $30 fee will apply. Please include this information when booking.

False lashes are included in the cost of each makeup service as well as any hair jewels / accessories provided by the hair stylist unless otherwise stated. 


Trials are separate from your day of event service costs. Hair and or makeup trials are $150/ service ($150 for makeup, $150 for hair, 90 mins per service).
Booking a trial does not secure your wedding date & time. Only an accepted deposit does.


Attendees or party members are welcome to book a trial at the same cost.



When should I book my Bridal Hair or Makeup trial?

We recommend booking your Bridal Trial 2-3 months prior to your wedding date. We find this is the perfect amount of time and not too early where your vision could change.

What if I am undecided on the amount of people?

We recommend that you secure the spots (give a deposit towards) for the amount of people who you are absolutely certain want our services at the time of booking. We suggest this so that you avoid losing out on the non-refundable/ non-transferable deposit of each service. If at a later time, you wish to include more people, we will accommodate them IF we can. However, we can only guarantee the services that were initially booked. We may not be able to add others in based on our schedule before or after your event. 





This is calculated at the total amount of kilometers driven there and back from our Etobicoke location. 

Address of location: (FILL IN EVENT LOCATION)

Estimated travel / parking  would be: (TOTAL COST)



Please see below a preliminary quote based on your event request form you submitted online.

Bride                   @ $150 per service                                =$0 (1 hair & 1 makeup)

Attendee            @ $125 each per service                       =$0 (3 hair & 4 makeup)

Flower girls         @ each per service                               =$0

Other Services (Air brush or extension prep)  @each    =$0 

HST on services                                                                   =$0

Travel                                                                                     =$0

Total                                                                                       =$0

Deposit of 50%                                                                     =$0

*we require a deposit equal to 50% (via e-transfer) of total fee to secure the date of your event date. Booking works on a first come first serve basis*


The above quote is not a final quote. Additional fees may apply according to service requests given after this quote. Prices are subject to change at any time. Rates are only guaranteed when stated in our contract and expire within 2 months if no deposit is paid.






Please reply only to this email thread to keep all lines of communication in one convenient location. Once we have decided if we are moving forward, I will send you an event contract.




We look forward to hearing back from you.

Event Contract

Hello  (NAME),


Thank you for booking your (EVENT TYPE) with us on (EVENT DATE).  We are excited to be part of your special day!


Please read through carefully before signing.

  • A 50% deposit is required to book your event date.

  • The balance of the payment will be due 2 weeks prior to your booked event date.

  • No date is secure without a deposit.

  • All deposits are non-refundable or transferable.

  • Prices are subject to change at any time. Rates are only guaranteed when stated in our contract and expire within 2 months if a deposit is not paid.

  • Any services cancelled less than 2 weeks prior to your event date are subject to FULL payment of service/services.

  • Deposits and payments can be made via email transfer to

  • By copying the signature section of this email and replying to this email thread you are committing to a contract for services with (GLOSS OR COB).

  • All photos taken by any artists from (GLOSS OR COB) or the photographer on the day of the wedding can be used for promotional use (e.g., social media, portfolio, website). You can however request that no photos be taken if you do not want your photo used.

  • In case of emergency, or something occurs beyond our control (e.g., extreme sickness, accidents, natural disasters etc.) and we are unable to send the artist you have initially booked with us, we will send another qualified artist. If for rare reason, it is not possible then a full refund of the deposit will be issued.



Your quote as of : (DATE)


Bride                 @ $150                     =$

Attendee         @$125 each           =$

Total Service Fee                              =$

Travel Fee                                         =$

Service + Travel Fee                        =$

50% Deposit                                     =$

Trial Date: (DATE) for (SERVICES) 

Please send any inspiration pictures to this thread of hair or makeup you are considering so our artist can prepare for your trial day. Bring any accessories you may want to use for your hair and or makeup.

Trial Location


Once we have received the deposit a tentative schedule will be sent for your review as well as our preparation recommendations. 








Name of person receiving deposit: (LINDSAY OR DANEILA)

Amount of deposit paid: (DOLLAR AMOUNT)

Deposit paid via: ETRANSFER

Deposit payment date: (PAYMENT DATE)

Name of person signing and committing to the above contract: (YOUR NAME)



Hello (NAME),

You deposit has been received and your (EVENT TYPE) has officially been booked. Yay!


Please reply to this email letting us know:

  • the names of those receiving services.

  • if they are getting hair, make up, or Hair And Makeup (H.A.M).

  • If anyone has super long or thick hair, has or will be using extensions.

  • if anyone has a preferred time of day to be ready by (e.g, they have kids and would like to start later or earlier).

you are welcome to send us inspiration pictures for your attendees.


  • when do you need to be ready by? Or when do you need to start by?

  • If having photos of yourself getting ready when will the photographer be there?

  • Time you must leave by to make it to your next venue.















Event Preparation Recommendations

Hello (NAME),


Your (EVENT TYPE) is not too far away, and we could not be more excited. To better help you prep for your services this email will serve as a guide to our top recommendations to get the most out of your services. Please send this to anyone receiving services for your event.


Covid Precautions:

  • All of our artist will be wearing a face mask while working and or while in your venue/home

  • All event attendees are welcome to not wear one but is at their own discretion

  • All surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized prior to the day of your event

Hair Preparation
Do NOT use any curling irons, flat irons, or excessive hair products 24 HOURS before 
Do NOT come to your appointment with wet hair

DO wash your hair the night before 
DO completely blow dry your hair prior to getting up-do
DO bring pictures of hair styles that you would like
DO bring your any hair extensions to Gloss Studio 72 HOURS before (if required)

Do wear a button down top or top that wont require you to pull over your head


*please arrange this with Gloss Studio ahead of time as there will not be time to style your extensions the day of unless other wise arranged. Extension prep will cost $30 in addition to any booked service*

If you are washing your own extension. If extensions are new than they need to be washed prior to use. Please do not use any conditioner on them, shampoo only. Lay them flat to dry. If they are not new, then please make sure there isn’t too much product build up on them. If there is then please wash them following the instructions above.

Makeup Preparation 

DO wash your skin and moisturize the day of your event 

DO let the artist know if you have any skin or product allergies 

Spray tans - Would only recommend a spray tan by a professional and not a self applied “tan” 

Eye brows - Refrain from waxing anything less then 3 days prior to the wedding 

Facials - Refrain from any facials less then 3 days prior to the wedding 

Lash extensions - Do not effect the artist ability to glam you up

Should I bring my own lipstick and or lip gloss? We recommend having your own preferred lipstick color and blotting powder for touch ups throughout the day/evening

Will you put on lashes I bring? Yes! No charge if you are getting your makeup done. For a fee of $15 if there is no makeup application being done 

We will see you very soon!


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