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Colour Correction 

Hello (NAME)!

Thank you for inquiring about hair colour correction at Gloss Studio. Before your booking can be made, please do the following:


1) Fill out the Colour Correction Pre-Consultation Form and digitality sign our Colour Correction Policies waiver via our Vagaro Form 

2) Read the PDF titled: What To Expect From A Colour Correction


On completion, we can book your in-person consultation!









What to expect from a colour correction

Hello (NAME)!

The below is a guide in what you can expect when booking a colour correction appointment. If you do have any additional questions you are always welcome to email us anytime. We are here to help! 


What is a colour correction?

A colour correction refers to correcting unwanted colour(s) in your hair as a result of miscolouring, lightening or using any product that would have altered your hair colour. This can also refer to any colour services that takes 4 hours or more to process such as going from dark to light, first time balayage or any service(s) that require multiple steps to create your desired result.


In order to book your colour correction appointment you must first fill out the Pre-Colour Correction Form via Vagaro including signing our Colour Correction Policies. Once your form has been reviewed, you will be asked to book your in-person consultation.



In-person consultations are $30 for a 30-minute in-depth consultation including mapping out the process, creating a maintenance schedule and after care regime as well as price and time quotation. If you complete your service within 2 months of the consultation date, the consultation fee is deducted from your service cost. 


You may be asked to follow a dish soap routine at home to help the process. Full instructions will be given and not every client is asked to do this.  



Colour correction is $100 per hour + tax. This service will be booked for the allotted hours the stylist feels necessary for that session and may be as long as 8 hours. Correction appointments may not be booked on a Saturday.


A $200 deposit will be required to book your colour correction appointment and becomes non refundable within the late cancelation threshold.


Colour correction appointments require at least 72-hour notice prior to cancelling or rescheduling. Late cancellation will result in your deposit being kept and a new deposit will be required to book a new colour correction appointment.


What to expect? 

We have a range of tools and methods to help in colour correction, some examples see below: 

  • Gentle colour removal

  • Strong colour removal

  • Mineral build up removal

  • Highlighting dark spots

  • Corrective toning / Corrective colouring

  • Olaplex or K-18 bond builders

  • Deep conditioning masks

  • Hair cutting before or after to remove damaged ends


What could that look like?

  • Exposing underlying pigment (hair by turn red, orange or yellow)

  • Stubborn pigment that won't easily lift out

  • Direct dyes (funky colours such as manic Panic) that do not remove in 1 or 2 sessions

  • Uneven hair colour root to tips

  • Damage to the hairs cuticle layer

  • Hair colour remaining darker than expected or warm toned

  • Colouring hair back to it's natural hair colour

  • Colour being left as is until your next appointment.



Home Care

Any dramatic change to the hair fiber will require proper home maintenance to preserve the integrity of the hair as well as the longevity of the hair colour. Gloss Studio is not responsible for the end results if not properly maintained using professional hair products and a strict home routine.  



Follow Ups

Your follow up appointment may be booked as a colour correction booking or a regular salon visit (eg highlights or root touch up). This will be determined at the end of your visit or via email follow-up.


Additional Information: 

  • Several appointments may be needed to achieve your desired look

  • You may not be able to achieve your desired look

  • You are responsible for at home haircare and Gloss Studio cannot be held accountable if professional recommendations are not followed 

  • If you choose to deviate from Gloss Studio’s recommended program and schedule following your consultation, we are not responsible for damage incurred

  • Failure to use recommended products may result in your appointment being cancelled and no further appointments being made at Gloss Studio

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